Material Handling Equipment

Tecon Engineering offers service and support for bulk material handling equipment for industries in Mining, Cement, Power Generation, Fertilizer and Ports, among others.

We are proud of the fact that Tecon Engineering was probably the first company then, to have a special customer care division in the bulk material handling equipment business. The present existence of a large number of our Wagon Tipplers, Stacker Reclaimers, Crushers, among other equipment, in good running condition after decades of service is testimony to the stupendous service performance rendered by Tecon’s CSD.

Tecon’s CSD is the driving force behind our profitability and the back bone of our customer relations policy. Our customers expect us not just to repair machines but also be able to provide the cause and analysis of failures and provide optimal, economical solutions for their needs. We leverage our technical expertise and experience to drive value into any repair, overhaul or modernization plan.


  • The CSD has offices in each zone across India, East, West, Central, South and North zones.
  • A network of more than 50 trained and experienced service engineers are available for proactive support.
  • Fully supported with engineering expertise from regional Tecon offices.
  • A dedicated Customer Care manufacturing facility catering to spares for material handling solutions for closer engineering support and better delivery timelines.

Break Down / Field Services

  • Engineers on call
  • Rapid manufacture of critical parts to achieve minimum downtime
  • Maintenance Training.
  • Start-up and Commissioning Assistance

Spares Supply

  • Original / OEM parts Supply
  • Manufacture OEM spares through reverse engineering
  • Replacement of major parts and overhauling of equipment on flat cost basis

Services for Existing or Used Equipment

  • Design Modifications
  • Relocate / Refurbish Equipment
  • Equipment Modernization
  • Capacity Enhancements
  • Service Life Extension
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Wear Optimization
  • Preventative and Reliability Maintenance

Maintenance Contracts

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Need based Service
  • Custom Maintenance